The Not-so-Secret Ingredient to Gourmonade’s Delicious Product

San Francisco bakeries, breweries and cafes all have one common ingredient: the City’s tap water.

This spring, SFPUC staff have been popping up at local establishments throughout the City to meet with residents and business owners and discuss all things related to water delivery and water quality.  One of the Agency’s unique partners is Gourmonade, a popular small business in the Mission District run by the energetic Vicktor Stevenson. Gourmonade features locally-sourced and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Gourmonade uses 1,000 pounds of lemons each day.

Stevenson recently hosted SFPUC staff at his production kitchen. There, he allowed SFPUC staff to see first-hand how SF water makes his lemonade possible: from washing the 1,000 pounds of lemons he goes through each day, to forming the basis of the lemonade itself, and helping to cultivate new flavors and future products. Without the City’s consistently delivered, high-quality water, Stevenson’s lemonade and the products of other local businesses would not be possible.

This year, Drinking Water Week coincides with Small Business Week. The convergence of these two initiatives should remind SF residents the value of their drinking water and its role in fostering healthy communities. The values, culture, and goals of the SFPUC are infused in the physical, cultural and economic health of the City’s residents and enterprising businesses.

Great water makes great products. Judging by the popularity of the City’s food and beverage establishments like Gourmonade, this is a reason to drink to.

Gourmonade is made possible with SF water.