Put Your Tastebuds to the Test at Andytown Coffee This Weekend

For many people, there is one important daily ritual that jumpstarts their morning: taking a sip of a much-needed cup of coffee.

The SFPUC and Andytown Coffee Roasters have joined forces to share about the role of water in creating a very important everyday product: coffee.

Andytown will host a SFPUC pop up event on Saturday, May 18 to provide a unique learning opportunity about how to brew great coffee and how varying qualities in water can affect the flavor of coffee. The upcoming pop up at Andytown will be a fun, educational and interactive event to really unpack what goes into making a daily cup of coffee possible.

SF water is one of the first ingredients used to brew coffee.

While the SFPUC provides education about water quality and the benefits of drinking tap water, many local businesses use San Francisco tap water to develop their products and also educate the community about their production process.

This spring, the SFPUC is partnering with local businesses to host water education pop up events throughout the City. These events serve as opportunities to connect with the community about SF water and its role in making some of the City’s most popular products possible.