Get Positive Vibes for 2022 with the SFPUC’s Pollution Prevention Calendar

We want to give a warm welcome to the new year and hope it brings health and happiness to your lives.

The SFPUC’s 2022 Pollution Prevention Calendar is filled with beautiful photos of landscape and flora taken from all over the City. Put up your calendars and be reminded that together, we will be stronger and safer, and we can get through any obstacles that stand in our way.

With every-day tips and resources for car maintenance, environmentally friendly pest management practices, house-cleaning, how to conserve water, and more, the calendar is a reminder that we all play a part in preventing pollution. Pick up a calendar and help be a solution to reducing pollution around you.

Order a calendar or find out where you can pick one in San Francisco here.

Calendars would be available starting mid-December. Please remember, we can only provide one calendar per household.