Hispanic Heritage Month: Hope and Enthusiasm Are Constants That Nora Molina Has Seen Over the Years

Nora Molina said one of the best parts of her job is seeing people grow in their potential and advance their toward dreams.

Molina is a Management Assistant in the SFPUC’s Construction Management Bureau, where she provides administrative support to the Bureau Manager and Bureau staff. In this role, she supports all aspects of administrative work that needs to be reviewed and executed before it goes to Bureau Manager. She began working at the SFPUC in November 1997, where she transferred from Department of Public Works to the Utilities Engineering Bureau at the time. Over the years, she has seen many student interns progress in their professional journeys and take on roles such as Resident Engineers and Regional Managers, something she has found rewarding to witness.

“Construction is a great field to work with tremendous learning and advancing opportunities. Throughout my years in the Construction Management Bureau, I have seen so many interns reach their professional goals and have stepped as mentors to young people that are beginning their careers,” she shared. “One thing that has remained constant is the hope and enthusiasm of young people starting their careers in public service.”

Molina credits her family’s support and encouragement on her own professional journey. “They supported me to make the best choices possible. As an immigrant family from El Salvador, the sole reason why we moved to the United States was to improve our lives and to have fulfilling and prosperous existence. This notion drove me to work and achieve my career goals,” she shared.

This year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme, Esperanza: a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope, has meant a lot to Molina. “Hope is an important concept in my culture. It is actually a word that is readily used to wish well on our loved ones and for ourselves. In family, we readily use the term ‘hope’ to encourage one another to have hope,” she said. “One is encouraged to never lose ‘hope’ whatever may come. It is a concept that provides nurturance and encouragement. With the world in an ever-changing manner, never losing hope is an important and timely concept.”

Molina shared that Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the rich culture and history of a great number of people that includes herself and her family. “It celebrates the customs, traditions and history that my family and other families brought to the U.S. It is very exciting to see this becoming a more important celebration throughout the years observed by more and more people and entities,” she reflected. “It makes me proud that others can learn about the diverse cultures with different traditions found in our communities. In addition, this month also signifies being seen and represented in various arenas in a positive light. This is most important for the future generations of American with Hispanic origins.”

Molina explained that what makes her most proud is that she comes from a culture that values and celebrates family unity and togetherness. The well-being of one family member is important to all others. “In addition, I really respect that the elderly are valued and respected and are considered wise for their lived experiences,” she said.

She continued to explain that the Hispanic and Latinx communities are stronger together and have great economic power, voting power and influence when they make their voices heard through various mediums. “When communities provide support to each other, they gain a bigger voice as a whole, which is what has been happening over the years. In fact, that is why we are now celebrating Hispanic heritage month, because the Hispanic and Latinx communities are coming together and being represented.”