How to Prevent Pollution Through Eco-Friendly Pest Management

On the first day of Fall during Pollution Prevention Week, the SFPUC will host a free webinar on how to prevent and tackle pest issues in the garden and at home. This webinar will take place on September 22 and feature best practices, tips and tricks from an integrated pest management educator on how to find eco-friendly solutions for pest control, while keeping the garden healthy through the fall and winter seasons.

Charlotte Canner, an integrated pest management advocate and educator for the Our Water Our World Program, will discuss practical methods for approaching pest issues, from how to support a garden’s ecosystem by supporting beneficial insects, to how to handle common seasonal pests, such as ants and rodents, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Learn how to prevent pollution, keep plants and ecosystems safe, help mother earth thrive and protect the environment and the health of human beings. Register for Pollution Prevention Through Eco-Friendly Pest Management here.