SFPUC’s Power Programs Work to Tackle Climate Crisis Head On

Climate change is occurring at an alarming rate and has many broad-reaching impacts on human health, the economy, and the stability of the natural environment. Increased emissions of greenhouse gases, which trap heat and block it from escaping the atmosphere, significantly disrupts the Earth’s climate systems as we know them. Low-income populations, indigenous groups, and communities of color are already bearing the brunt of climate change in several ways, from being more exposed in extreme heat events to an increased likelihood of residing near polluted areas. A healthy planet is not an option — it is a necessity.

The SFPUC has long been leading efforts to reduce San Francisco’s impacts on the climate through our clean energy programs, Hetch Hetchy Power and CleanPowerSF. Instead of relying on fossil fuels which are harmful to the planet and our health, we harness wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power to serve the electricity needs of our customers. The SFPUC serves over 70% of the electricity demand in San Francisco with its clean electricity.

Hetch Hetchy Power is San Francisco’s public power utility and delivers 100% greenhouse gas-free hydroelectric power to municipal, commercial, and some residential customers. In fact, Hetchy Power energizes the City’s public schools, the Zoo, Muni, the Salesforce Transit Center, and more.

Complementing Hetch Hetchy Power is CleanPowerSF, the City’s community choice energy program, which provides at least 50% renewable energy (solar and wind) to more than 380,000 residential and commercial accounts in San Francisco. Almost 10,000 San Francisco neighbors and local business have stepped up and committed to ensuring all their electricity comes from 100% renewable energy.

At the SFPUC, we are committed to achieving a clean energy future for San Francisco and making the City—and the planet—a safer, healthier, and more equitable place to live.