Celebrate Our Shared Home and Restore the Earth

Over 7 billion people live on Earth. It is the third planet from the Sun. In the known universe, Earth is the only place that has the ability to harbor life. As climate change continues to impact the Earth, its people, and the environment, it is critical for each person to take action.

Each year, Earth Month is a celebration of our shared home. It is also a reminder of actions everyone can take to Restore the Earth.

With the arrival of Earth Month every April, the SFPUC has an opportunity to celebrate our environmental achievements while also redoubling our commitments to sustainability. Collectively, our two energy programs meet more than 70 percent of electricity demand in San Francisco. With those initiatives providing renewable energy and 100 percent greenhouse gas free electricity, the SFPUC has been absolutely critical in helping San Francisco meet its ambitious climate action goals. We are also national leaders in water recycling and reuse programs, pioneering policies that have been duplicated across the country, and our advocacy for conservation has been instrumental in San Franciscans achieving some of the lowest water consumption rates in the state.

This year’s theme for Earth Month is Restoring the Earth—a bold creed, certainly, but making real environmental change requires boldness. We are proud to embrace that motto while prioritizing our goals of sustainability, conservation and environmental excellence.

Michael Carlin, Acting General Manager, SFPUC