2020 Impact Awards: Kenneth Moore, Laborer Supervisor, Water Enterprise, Sunol Valley WST

Kenneth Moore’s nominations (yes, he received two) made history for the recognition program as the first nominee to have been nominated by his entire division. The crew at Sunol Valley WST joined forces to write his nomination. He also received a nomination from a colleague who wanted to personally acknowledge Kenneth, though he knew there was a nomination submitted by the team.

Thank you, Kenneth (Kenny), for having such a profound impact on those around you, to our communities and SFPUC!

Award: Reliable Service and Assets Award 

Nominated by

  • Team of plumbers, crane operators, supervisors, truck drivers, and laborers at Sunol Water Supply Treatment (WST)
  • Joseph Radovich, 7328 Operating Engineer

Group Nomination for Kenneth Moore 

Our team of plumbers, crane operators, supervisors, truck drivers, and laborers have collectively come together to nominate Mr. Kenneth Moore, Laborer Supervisor for the SFPUC Recognition Program award. The nominating group wrote this nomination, and, in some cases, we call out individual observations.

While we all have had our own personal experience working with Kenneth, we all agree Kenneth is loyal, honest, hardworking and well respected amongst his peers. His dedication to the operations, maintenance, and his SFPUC fellow workers is why we collectively nominated him. He represents what is great about SFPUC.

Kenneth’s wealth of knowledge expands over 40 years of service to SFPUC. He strives for excellence and goes above and beyond the everyday work schedule to complete every assignment he is given, done correctly, and in a quick, timely manner. Kenneth takes all safety precautions seriously to protect everyone working at the site. He leads by example and is a trusted and respected colleague.

Kenneth is the person we can all rely upon when problems arise and will assist the team with coming up with solutions. Kenneth’s vast knowledge of the system from Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco attributes to his unique ability to be an asset to the SFPUC and the Sunol family. His work ethic coupled with his 40 years of service and mere fact that he is second generation of Moore Men working for the SFPUC allows him to be a committed and excellent supervisor. He takes the legacy of being second generation of Moore Men to support SFPUC seriously and makes you feel proud to be here.

He is well respected and involved in the greater community as well. Kenneth was nominated cattleman of the year from our local ranchers. He is a mentor for the boy scouts. He represents the best of SFPUC to our community.

Matthew McKiernan, 7355 truck driver, recalls working with Kenneth when a huge tree went down at the water temple. Repair was estimated to take three days. Without hesitation, Kenneth stepped up and knocked it out in one day. He is a steward of our resources, he cares about the operations and maintenance of SFPUC.

I (Anastasia Maxwell, 7388 utility plumber) personally recall coming to Sunol from City Distribution Center (CDD) and having never worked on pipeline inspection and repairs before being made to feel welcomed and supported by Kenneth. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge and made me feel comfortable with going inside the pipe. He helps develop an effective workforce and supports his community and team.

Kenneth exemplifies teamwork and makes you not only feel a part of the team, but that you have the support of a team as well. Kenneth has demonstrated hospitable qualities to everyone that encounters him. Here in Sunol, Kenneth is the go-to person for putting together all retirement and special occasion barbecues. He is a great a great coordinator. He brings our team together and creates an inclusive environment. We all enjoy coming together knowing Kenneth will provide us excellence service, good food, and a wonderful time. We all appreciate that quality and his hospitality.

As we all know and agree here in Sunol, Kenny takes time to explain or show you how to properly do each assignment with efficiency. His dedication, team-oriented style fosters a positive work environment that focuses on high quality work. He is quick to mentor and train.

It’s because of our great respect for him, that the plumbers, laborers, truck drivers, supervisors, and crane operators all agree that Mr. Kenneth Moore is the perfect recipient for the Recognition Award. We all deeply thank you for your consideration and opportunity for us here in Sunol to highlight Kenneth Moore, Laborer Supervisor.


Individual Nomination for Kenneth Moore 

Kenneth Moore is one of the hardest working, most dedicated employee I have personally seen throughout the entirety of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, water system. I have personally had the pleasure of working side by side with Mr. Kenneth Moore for just over two and a half years.

Throughout my time working with him, I have come to learn that he is second generation working at the Sunol Yard and has been here for over 40 years. His knowledge of the watershed, water system (from Hetch Hetchy reservoir to downtown San Francisco), wildlife in our surroundings, and what to watch out for to be a steward to the lands that give so much to so many people. He is reliable and is committed to optimizing the operations, maintenance of the yard in a cost-effective manner.

He provides reliable service and value to our customers. On any given day he can be at the furthest corners of the watershed maintaining dirt roads, replacing culverts, fixing/building fence, opening roads back up from winter tree falls and landslides, and making sure that everything he and the people he works with are safe and protected. On other days he could be right down in the middle of Fremont or Milpitas working on our right of ways. You can trust Ken. Ken does so much, whether it is trimming trees, maintaining fire breaks, or assisting other trades with their needs.

He’s an environmental steward. My experience working with Ken Moore has been very educational. He has taught me many different things about our area. I have learned about the local eco-system and many different species of animals that inhabit our work area. He has shown me and countless others what animals are protected and how to comply with state and federal laws regarding which species we encounter.

In closing I would like to thank all of you for considering this man for the award because he is an invaluable asset to this division of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.