Gobble, Gobble It’s Thanksgiving Soon!

The holiday season is here, starting off with one that reminds us to give thanks.

Thanksgiving 2020 is almost certain to be a downsized affair for most of us. Balancing the need to stay safe with our desire to see family means that most of us will be gathering around smaller tables and staying closer to home. 

While an 18-pound turkey is probably off the menu, a smaller bird, and a smaller selection of sides still means plenty of cooking will be taking place in kitchens across San Francisco. We’d like to remind you that fats, oils, and grease are problematic for our city’s sewer system, and should never be poured down the drain. San Francisco businesses and residents have been enthusiastic participants in our Greasecycle program in year’s past, and the SFPUC is grateful for their support. 

 Here are a few helpful things to bear in mind as we gather responsibly this Thanksgiving: 

  1. Stay healthy this holiday season by sticking to the CDC Guidelines for Small Gatherings.
  2. Properly dispose of your used cooking oils and do your part to protect our sewer system.
  3. No matter how you decide to cook your turkey this year, learn how to carve it like a pro and make the most of all the effort that goes into this traditional centerpiece. 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a safe and warm holiday.