Celebrating Hetch Hetchy Power During #PublicPowerWeek

At the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, we celebrate a lot of environmental holidays, from World Water Day to Pollution Prevention Week. But one of our favorites is an event you probably never heard of—Public Power Week! From October 4 to 10, we’re celebrating our very own public power utility, Hetch Hetchy Power.

For over 100 years, Hetch Hetchy Power has been energizing San Francisco with 100% greenhouse gas-free electricity. Hetch Hetchy Power serves all municipal facilities, from public libraries and schools to the San Francisco Zoo and International Airport, affordable housing units, and an increasing number of private developments like the Salesforce Transit Center and Hunters Point Shipyard. More recently, Hetch Hetchy Power completed its first solar plus storage project in Diamond Heights and even powered the iconic Pink Triangle during Pride Month.

What else makes public power utilities like Hetch Hetchy Power so special? They are not-for-profit and beholden to ratepayers and local oversight boards, not shareholders and profit margins. They are low-cost and reliable. Hetch Hetchy Power is generally ten percent cheaper than its competitors and was recently recognized by the American Public Power Association (APPA) as a Smart Energy Provider.

Power crews work to construct a new solar array on Visitacion Valley Middle School. About 23 in-city solar arrays are part of Hetch Hetchy Power’s portfolio.

Public power utilities like Hetch Hetchy Power that focus on clean energy are also crucial to addressing the climate crisis. In the past four years alone, Hetch Hetchy Power has helped San Francisco avoid pumping 896 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere compared to if customers were on PG&E’s electrical service instead. Hetch Hetchy Power has even saved San Francisco money, too. Thanks to its low rates, City departments and other Hetchy Power customers saved $165 million compared to what they would have paid with PG&E during the same period.

Celebrate Hetch Hetchy Power and follow the #PublicPowerWeek conversation all week long on our social channels! We’re even debuting a new Hetch Hetchy Power logo, too. 

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