SFPUC Launches “United for Infrastructure” Week

Infrastructure, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is defined as, “the system of public works of a country, state, or region.” Unsung and unnoticed, infrastructure propels nearly every aspect of daily lives.  It is our job here at the SFPUC to ensure that the water, power, and sewer infrastructure that our customers depend upon not only functions as it should, but also improves their lives.

Sometimes the sheer scale of that scope is daunting. 

We are responsible for operating and maintaining over 1,000 miles of sewer pipes and over 1,200 miles of water pipes within the City and County of San Francisco.  Stretched end to end, our water and sewer infrastructure would stretch from San Francisco to Anchorage, Alaska.  A significant portion of our water and sewer mains are 100 years old. The infrastructure we’re improving must work for the next 100 years. We have a responsibility to prepare for a future where global climate change will drastically alter the weather our systems were initially designed to withstand.  We also work to power San Francisco with clean, renewable energy through CleanPowerSF and Hetch Hetchy Power.

Infrastructure also has an important role to play in addressing social and racial inequalities in our City.  The SFPUC’s Office of Workforce Development works with local non-profit organizations to bring under-served San Franciscans into the construction trades to earn life-sustaining wages and to support local businesses.  To date, San Francisco residents have earned $19 million in wages and benefits through our Sewer System Improvement Program. More than 60% of all apprentices brought into the construction trades through the program are San Francisco residents. In addition, 224 Local Businesses have been awarded 460 contracts to earn $319 million in construction and professional service contracts. 

Please join us for United for Infrastructure Week. The SFPUC is joining forces with other public agencies, elected officials, private companies, and residents to highlight the need for continued investment in the infrastructure that serves and lifts up our communities.  Each day we will shine a light on different aspects of your water, power, and sewer infrastructure. 

We are proud to serve you San Francisco!  Let’s #RebuildBetter together.