Hetch Hetchy Power Illuminates Pink Triangle for SF Pride Celebration

Beginning this weekend, the SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy Power will illuminate The Pink Triangle, a beloved beacon of hope and inclusion in San Francisco’s annual Pride celebration. All 2,700 LED nodes of pink light atop Twin Peaks will be energized by our 100% greenhouse-gas free hydropower. Mayor London Breed will flip the switch to light the display on Saturday evening. 

Pink lights. Photo courtesy: Instagram @illuminatethearts.

Since 1996, the Pink Triangle had been constructed with large pieces of pink canvas and installed by volunteers for Pride weekend each year. Due to COVID-19, however, it proved too much of a health and safety risk to have volunteers assemble the Triangle in its traditional form. Instead, a new LED-illuminated vision was born, thanks to a partnership between the Pink Triangle founder, SF Pride, and Illuminate, the artists responsible for The Bay Lights that adorn the western span of the Bay Bridge. 

The pink triangle is embraced by the LGBTQ community as a symbol of pride. Historically, the symbol was used by the Nazis in concentration camps to identify and shame homosexuals. 

For the installation’s 25th anniversary, this year’s Pink Triangle will be more visible and vibrant, thanks to the SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy Power team. The Pink Triangle lights will be visible in the City and even as far away as the Oakland Hills and outer space. They will shine proudly until July 10.  

Rendering of Pink Triangle lights. Courtesy: Illuminate (https://illuminate.org/projects/illuminate-the-pink-triangle/).