A Look Back in History: Pescadero Creek Riparian Rights Offer

Filed under “Coast Streams” with a subject heading of “Riparian Rights,” this short internal memo from Peninsula Supervisor W.B. Lawrence to Spring Valley Water Company General Manager S.P Eastman advocates the acceptance of an offer.

Hayward apparently offered up the riparian rights to his property on Pescadero Creek “on several occasions.” This was about 20 years on from Hayward’s earlier decline of an offer by Spring Valley Water Company to acquire same rights for $1,200.

Hayward asked to up the offer by $300 – probably a reasonable appreciation from the early nineties to 1912. 

Mr. Hayward is Ready to Sell.

Lawrence looked to the future. As he said, “undoubtedly the coast side is going to grow.” And having those riparian rights under their belts could only bring great value to Spring Valley Water Company. And indeed, it did [grow] and they did [make money].