Meet Thuy Hendricks, Who Celebrates the Contributions of Women in the Utilities Industry

For Thuy Hendricks, SFPUC Commercial Division Assistant Supervisor within Customer Service Bureau, everyday is different for her.

Depending on the day’s scheduled activities, her responsibilities can range from reconciling financial reports to leading a testing project. Her typical day consists of analyzing accounts and exception completions, coaching, training and assisting her team. But one of the most important things Hendricks does is supporting SFPUC’s customers each day.

Hendricks shared that representation means an awareness of one’s actions and the contribution and influence they have on others. This includes people from various backgrounds and situations.

“Women’s History Month is an opportunity to recognize the female gender and our societal importance,” she shared. “It is a time to spotlight historically amazing accomplishments of some groups and individual women.”

Hendricks believes that it is important to celebrate and recognize the contributions of women in the utilities industry.

“The utilities industry is broad and requires diverse talents to run the daily operations,” she said. “Women play a huge part in these operations. Positions such as operating heavy equipment and performing field work are sometimes voiced as “a man’s job”, time and time again, woman have proven this to not be true. From repairing meters, testing the water supply, to working in the office, every person, every role, is important. That’s something to celebrate!”

At the end of the day, Hendricks said that each SFPUC team member plays an important part in supporting customers regardless of their role.