How to Save Water While Sheltering-in-Place

All of California is faced with the same dilemma – residents are sheltering in place. One may ask how they can conserve resources and maintain more efficient water use while spending more and more time indoors.

Here are just a few ways to conserve water:

  • Washing hands often per the CDC’s recommendations. When scrubbing hands for at least 20 seconds, turn off the water. Just use the same strategy when brushing teeth – get them wet, turn off the water, soap them up for at least 20 seconds, turn the water back on and give them a good rinse. Be sure to wash each finger. Use hand-sanitizer when there is no access to soap and water.
  • Check toilet for leaks. This can be done with food coloring. A few drops in the tank is all it takes to know if there is a leak.
  • Always fill the dishwasher and clothes washer completely before running it.  Check for water-saving cycles.
  • Place a bucket in the shower while the water is warming up in order to catch water and keep many house plants healthy.
  • Sign up for MyAccount to track water usage and sign up to pay water and wastewater bills online.
Resident checking on leaks.

More water conservation information can be found on the SFPUC’s website.

And while the SFPUC will not be conducting in-person Water-Wise Evaluations, phone consultations with the SFPUC’s conservation technicians can be scheduled by online application at Customers without computers may leave a message at (415) 551-4730 to schedule an appointment. 

Together San Franciscans can all do their part to save water, stay safe and stay healthy.