Meet a Watershed Planner Who Makes Green Infrastructure Tours Possible and Fun

For SFPUC Senior Watershed Planner Sarah Bloom, there is no “typical” work day for her.

Bloom can be often found outdoors scouting new locations for green infrastructure grant projects, meeting with various SFPUC teams and external project stakeholders about the agency’s current green infrastructure projects, and working to solve new policy or technical
challenges that arise.

“I love working on collaborative teams and enjoy getting to know people both inside and outside the SFPUC,” said Bloom. “I love that my typical day is not typical. Everyday’s different.”

Sarah Bloom leads a tour of the Mission Valencia Streets Green Gateway, which included a plaza area at the corner of Valencia and Mission streets in addition to streetscape improvements.

As a female team member in a STEM role at the SFPUC, Bloom shared she has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger – to be a voice and push the needle for other women in government and public service.

“To me, Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful
women in my life, both past and present,” she said. “It’s a time to be proud and thankful for the
women who came before me and fought so hard for me to have the opportunities I
have today. It is especially important to celebrate this year because 2020 marks the 100th
anniversary for women’s right to vote!”

Bloom shared how it is important to highlight the contributions of women in the green infrastructure industry. She stated that a large number of women continue to take on green infrastructure roles compared to the utility industry as a whole.

“As a woman in this field, it is really inspiring to see so many women in leadership roles in green infrastructure programs across the country,” said Bloom. “As the field of green infrastructure grows and develops, it will bring more and more women into the utility industry – which is really exciting!”

SFPUC Senior Watershed Planner, Sarah Bloom.