A Look Back in History: The San Francisco Water Department & the Girl Scouts of the USA

In 1973, the SFPUC Commission approved a lease of a piece of its property to the local San Francisco Girl Scout Council in an Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. Resolution 73-0371 was what sealed the deal. And what a deal it was. The annual lease price was $1. It started as a 10-year agreement with two 5-year extension options.

SFPUC Minutes dated 10/9/1973 on Resolution 73-0371.

In fact, the Girl Scouts organization had previously been occupying City and County of San Francisco property on the other side of the lake. They relinquished that location as it was to be developed in favor of a recreation center for people with disabilities.

The map on the following page was included as Exhibit A in the lease proposal. As shown on the map, the leased property was essentially bounded by Lake Merced Boulevard, Brotherhood Way and the golf course. It is within a “stone’s throw” of Lake Merced and walking distance to the county line.

“Exhibit A” of Lease Proposal.

The lease still stands today. The location is now named “Camp Ida Smith.” It is branded as a GS Norcal campsite in San Francisco. The camp is a hidden gem among the Eucalyptus and Monterey Pines. It includes outdoor camping units, a campfire circle, bathrooms, and the “Hauser House” cabin that has an indoor common space and a full kitchen. And it is available for rent.

Location of Current Day “Camp Ida”. https://www.girlscouts-sf.org/ida-smith
Map courtesy: Google Maps