How Chris Blunt Started as SFPUC Mail Carrier to Serving His Community

Walk in to the SFPUC’s Southeast Treatment Plant and one will get a very warm reception from the gentlemen at the front desk. That person is no other than Christopher Blunt, a native resident of the Bayview community.

Known to many as “Chris”, Blunt has worked with the SFPUC for the past ten years. He started out as being the mail carrier for the entire agency and within a few years got promoted to the engineering archives group. While working with that group he was able to see firsthand the wide variety of projects going on within the SFPUC.

“While working with the engineering archives group, I felt like I learned a lot about San Francisco’s infrastructure and the need to make upgrades throughout the City,” he shared.

Today, Blunt gets to work in the neighborhood where he grew up in and appreciates being able to work at the Southeast Treatment Plant. He brings a great attitude to work and enjoys welcoming those who stop by with an infectious smile. When asked what inspired Blunt to enter public civil service, the answer was simple.

“My mother and father. They were both previous employees with the City and County of San Francisco and I saw the impact that they made serving the community,” explained Blunt. “Working for the City and especially in the Wastewater division, I’m also able to build towards my career goal in school.”

Christopher Blunt answering a phone call with a warm greeting at the Southeast Treatment Plant.

Blunt currently attends City College of San Francisco, pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies. He takes some of his classes at the Southeast Community Facility, a few blocks from where he works. He is thankful for the chance to be able to go to work and school in the community he calls home. “The Southeast Community has played an important role in my upbringing because it felt good to know that in my community, City College was obtainable.”

Blunt enjoys being able to apply what he learns in the classroom, with what is going on around him at the SFPUC.

“I’m an advocate for school, so when I put school and the SFPUC together, I think that not only myself, but up and coming generations will be well rounded, and they’ll have a thriving future ahead of them,” said Blunt. “The Southeast community has helped develop me, so without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”