How Lloyd Weaver Started His SFPUC Career in a Place He Never Heard of Before

Located in unincorporated Tuolumne County, Moccasin has served as the hub of the Hetch Hetchy Water and Power Operations since construction of the Hetch Hetchy facilities started more than a century ago.  Now, almost two hundred SFPUC employees and consultants work in the offices, corporation yard, shops, and power house that keep the Sierra Nevada portion of the SFPUC system running.

Lloyd Weaver, Maintenance Scheduler, has been working for the SFPUC since 2015. His first assignment was going to a place he had never heard of before: Moccasin.

“When I first came here, I worked in the Administration Building and I knew almost nothing about was going around me,” said Weaver. “So, I had the skills to do my job, but learning the environment was quite a challenge.”

Weaver oversees scheduling maintenance for 13 crews, ranging from carpenters, painters, electrical line crews, and IT personnel. Weaver understands that the crews are going out and doing sometimes what could be considered dangerous work and that the health and safety of the crews is critical. He also understands the importance of safely providing water and power services to the over 2.7 million SFPUC customers.

“We are charged with being stewards of the community and so as stewards we share these resources. We share these resources with the communities that we do are work in and we also share these resources with the customer in San Francisco to whom we provide water and power,” said Weaver. “So, it really is a collaboration and it’s very exciting to be a part of all of that and being able to take care of these resources and continue to make them available for people, one hundred years from now.”

Lloyd Weaver getting ready for full day’s work ahead of him in Moccasin.