How MyAccount Helps Manage Water Use and Bills

San Francisco resident Roberto really likes MyAccount.

“This program lets me see my water use and my water bill.” he said. “If there is a spike, I can see it and take care of it before it gets out of control and costly, and it was easy to enroll.”

MyAccount is the SFPUC’s online account management service that transmits water use data, so that customers can see it and download reports on their hourly, daily and monthly water use. The information allows them to identify possible leaks and take care of them quickly. In addition, customers are able to view and pay their bills online through MyAccount.

San Francisco resident Roberto looks at his water use from his mobile device.

For the SFPUC, not only does the online service allow customers to have more visibility on their account, it also allows the agency to reduce the number of paper bills printed each month.

“My toilet can be leaking, and I probably will never hear it or see it,” said Roberto. “I signed up for MyAccount during the height of the drought and that has helped me be more mindful of my water use and set water conservation goals.”

An example of what a customer could see in MyAccount after logging in. This image is used for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect a real customer’s information.