One Way San Francisco Stays Rain Ready

With the rain season well under way, SFPUC crews are doing everything possible to keep San Francisco rain ready. One way the SFPUC gets prepared is through the use of a specially equipped truck that helps keep the City’s sewer system flowing: the Vac-Con truck.

One might have noticed them in the streets and in different neighborhoods, but what does the Vac-Con truck actually do? SFPUC Sewer Repair Supervisor, Daniel Pray, explains what the truck does.

“We proactively clean the sewers and will come up to issues that are on going and the Vac-Con will help relieve emergency situations,” says Pray. “During rain events, we actually can vacuum intersections out, clear intersections, and keep the sewer flowing.”

One of the SFPUC’s Vac-Con trucks.
SFPUC crews using a Vac-Con truck to inspect sewers.

The Vac-Con truck helps keep the sewers flowing year round and plays a key role in maintaining the reliability and resiliency of San Francisco’s century old sewer system. From vacuuming excess water to trash and other debris, the Vac-Con truck helps maintain a flowing sewer system.

SFPUC crews regularly take the Vac-Con truck out into the City to inspect the sewers and make sure that it is flowing properly. Next time you notice the trucks around in the streets and in your neighborhood, please be mindful of the crews working with this specially equipped vehicle.

“Anytime you see the truck in the streets, it’s basically a big safety issue for the crews,” says Pray. “Realize that they are there for a reason, it maybe impacting your traffic, but try to stay safe around the crews in the streets.”