San Francisco’s Festive Holiday Lights Powered by City’s Hetch Hetchy System

Glistening snowflakes will twinkle above Leland Avenue in Visitacion Valley for the first time this season as part of the City’s annual festive lights installations managed by the SFPUC. The newly installed snowflakes help celebrate the holiday season and are powered by 100 percent greenhouse-gas free electricity provided by the SFPUC.

The new holiday lights will brighten the Leland Avenue commercial corridor between Bayshore Boulevard and Rutland Street and are the result of a joint beautification partnership involving the SFPUC, merchant groups, and neighborhood associations. lights. In addition, the SFPUC installed lights on Market Street, between Spear Street and Eighth Street; and on Third Street, spanning Evans and Jamestown Avenues.

Bells on Third Street.
Market Street lighted LED snowflakes. LED illuminated snowflakes decorate Market Street’s signature “Path of Gold” light poles this winter. Powered by the SFPUC.

“I’m thrilled Leland Avenue has been included in the SFPUC’s annual holiday lights tradition,” said District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton. “Now more San Francisco residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the wonderful establishments in Visitacion Valley under the glow of these spirited lights. This is just one of several ways we will continue to activate the Leland Avenue Corridor and continue to highlight the beauty of Visitacion Valley and its merchants.”

The installations are not only festive but environmentally friendly as well. The Hetch Hetchy Regional Power System, which provides 100 percent greenhouse gas-free energy to public facilities, such as City Hall, San Francisco International Airport, Muni buses, schools and libraries, powers San Francisco’s streetlights, including the holiday lights.

Snowflakes on Leland Avenue.

Overall, the SFPUC Power Enterprise maintains more than 25,500 street lights in the City and County of San Francisco. Each year, street light operations typically fix thousands of outages, repair scores of pole knockdowns, and perform various other street light maintenance in order to keep City streets well-lit, inviting, and safe for San Francisco residents and businesses

Along with the Hetch Hetchy Regional Power System, the SFPUC also operates CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s renewable energy program. More than 376,000 residents and businesses are enrolled in CleanPowerSF. Combined, the SFPUC’s two power programs meet 80 percent of the electricity demand in San Francisco.

Snowflakes on Market Street.