CleanPowerSF Accomplishes a Year of Milestones

CleanPowerSF has been growing – rapidly. With the final large enrollment completed, most of San Francisco’s residential customers joined CleanPowerSF and more than quadrupled the SFPUC’s customer base. More customers also means more energy procured and supplied, more mailers sent, and more revenue earned that the SFPUC can reinvest back into the community.  

SFPUC staff and a Molecule Mob celebrated eliminating over 65 tons of carbon dioxide every day by providing San Francisco with cleaner energy.

A look at the last fiscal year by the numbers:

  • 294,436 new accounts enrolled in CleanPowerSF, bringing a total of over 375,000 accounts
  • 2,693 SuperGreen upgrades
  • 2,044,000 more MWh of energy procured and supplied than the previous fiscal year
  • $126 million increase in revenue from the previous fiscal year
  • More than 1,100,000 enrollment notices mailed to customers

In addition to the SFPUC’s growing customer base, CleanPowerSF programs are also expanding. In the past year, CleanPowerSF introduced a Peak Day Pricing pilot program for large commercial customers. Peak Day Pricing provides incentives for customers to reduce their energy use on days of extreme demand on the California state power grid.

San Francisco residents and businesses with rooftop solar are also receiving better benefits as CleanPowerSF customers. Rooftop solar enrollments increased to more than 8,400 accounts. When rooftop solar customers generate more electricity than their home or business uses, CleanPowerSF purchases the excess power at a premium about three times higher than PG&E.

Through CleanPowerSF and Hetch Hetchy Power, the SFPUC is helping the City achieve its renewable energy goals by bringing cleaner, greener electricity to San Francisco.

Owners of The New Wheel, a SuperGreen customer, at Mayor Breed’s press conference announcing the largest CleanPowerSF enrollment.