How a Project Construction Manager Helped Build a Nursery and Developed a Green Thumb

“I never believed I had a green thumb.”

“My role at the SFPUC is to help manage construction projects,”said Emmanuel Yeboah, a Project Construction Manager for the SFPUC. “And through the Sunol Nursery Project, I learned a thing or two about plants.”

Emmanuel Yeboah, a Project Construction Manager for the Sunol Nursery Project.

Recently, Yeboah was a Project Construction Manager for the Sunol Nursery Project. In that role, he ensured that the project was on schedule, on budget and that the Contractor’s operations comply with the contract specifications, drawings and permits.

Yeboah started his career with the Agency’s Bureau of Environmental Management preparing categorical exemptions and mitigation monitoring reports. He has worked as an office engineer for over 6 years and has a degree in Urban Studies Regional Planning from Cal State Northridge. He has been an employee of the SFPUC for over 10 years.

Sunol Nursery

Yeboah and his team were responsible for constructing the first nursery project of its kind for the SFPUC. The Sunol Nursery Project was a $2.2 million dollar project located within the Sunol Temple yard. The new Sunol Nursery encompasses 1-acre and includes construction of new water storage tanks, garage, office building, shade house and a state of the art greenhouse structure with a cooling pad system. The purpose of this project is to propagate plants for the Alameda Creek Watershed Center, Sunol Yard and other SFPUC projects. The project was recently completed in 2018.

Mia Ingolia, Biologist (left) and Emmanuel Yeboah, Resident Engineer (right) at the Sunol Nursery.

Yeboah enjoys his role as a Project Construction Manager. When asked about his role, he stated, “It’s a huge accomplishment to be in this position, I’ve worked hard throughout the years and now my goals are coming into fruition with me running an innovative project for the SFPUC.”