A Family Connection to the Old Calaveras Dam

“Seeing the old dam is on my bucket list.”

That was what Geneva Barrett (Hunt) shared with SFPUC staff as they geared up with safety vests and hard hats.

SFPUC staff with Geneva Barrett (Hunt) on far right.

SFPUC staff recently hosted a very special guest, Geneva Barrett (Hunt) at the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project site. She was accompanied by her daughter, Debbie and her son-in-law, Randy of Dublin, California.

Barrett has a special connection to the old Calaveras Dam. Her father, Frank Hunt, worked on the second Calaveras Dam (the first dam slumped under its own weight in 1918). The second Calaveras Dam was built between 1918 and 1925. Frank Hunt was a civil engineer on the project and operated a drag line.  Barrett was born in Sunol in 1927.

The late Frank Hunt circa 1920’s.
Frank and Maude Hunt with their first four children in Sunol.

After the dam’s completion, her father relocated the family to Oregon where he continued to work on dams in and around the the state. Barrett recalls her dad as being very dedicated to his profession and to his family. During those times, her father worked all week at his designated job site and came home during the weekends only. She was one of twelve kids. 

Visiting the dam brought back memories and helped Barrett to her family’s history.

“I can now cross this off the list,” said Barrett appreciatively.