SFPUC Plumbers Return Home from Paradise, Water Quality Team Deploys on Sunday

A team of twelve SFPUC plumbers are returning home after a week in Paradise. The SFPUC responded to a mutual aid request from the Paradise Irrigation District to help rebuild its water system.

While in Paradise, SFPUC plumbers helped get a piece of the downed water system working again for the small number of people who have managed to stay at home in the small foothill town burned out by the November 2018 Camp Fire.

SFPUC plumbers return home after a week in Paradise: Sean Duffy, John Femenia, John Carpenter, Dave Gonzales, Ricky Gonzales, Pete Gavney, Rick Conway, James O’Dowd, Richard Nave Jr., Tommy McGee, Kevin Lyons, Paul Pesse, Jason Brook, Reibar Medina.

And as the first SFPUC team returns to the Bay Area today, two water quality technicians from the Agency will head up to Paradise on Sunday.

For SFPUC water quality technicians Curtis Hayden and Richard Hernandez, this will be their first time deploying on a mutual aid assignment. Hayden and Hernandez will assist collecting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) samples from the flushed lines and bringing them back to nearby certified laboratories for testing and analysis.

“This a great opportunity for our team members to use their profession to help others,” said Kenneth Payne, Water Quality Section Manager. “Not just to help rebuild Paradise, but to help make it safe for their community to return home.”

As rebuilding efforts continue, the SFPUC may deploy another team later this summer if additional assistance is needed.

“Curtis and Richard both volunteered for this assignment. Their colleagues are inspired to also raise their hand for future mutual aid assignments,” said Roselle Ferrer, Senior Water Quality Inspector. “Providing mutual assistance and support to other counties during and after major disasters is one of the rewarding aspects of public service.”