New Dashboard Shows Over 77,100 Youth Served Through SFPUC Community Benefits Program Since 2012

Earlier this week, the SFPUC launched its Community Benefits Dashboard, a new tool visualizes the performance of agency’s community benefits efforts throughout San Francisco. 

The Community Benefits Dashboard is an interactive data visualization tool that tracks the performance of the agency’s investments in its youth workforce, public art, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and land use initiatives. The dashboard was developed in collaboration with San Francisco’s Controller’s Office, which is responsible for working with all City departments to collect and monitor the level of effectiveness of San Francisco’s public services. The tool helps the SFPUC’s to benchmark its community impact progress, course correct for effectiveness and transparently communicate results to its stakeholders. 

Opening page of the Community Benefits Dashboard.

The dashboard is one example of how the SFPUC is living up to its Community Benefits and Environmental Justice policies, the first such policies nationwide. Also known as the agency’s “good neighbor policies,” these important policies shape how the SFPUC provides water, power and sewer services while ensuring its every day work positively impacts the communities it serves. 

The dashboard’s key data points include: 

Youth Workforce: Over the past six years, 3,495 youth have enrolled in internships and education programs through the SFPUC’s Project Learning Grant Partnership program, where youth received hands-on work experience and were exposed to potential career paths in the water, wastewater and power industries. 

Dashboard data showing youth served over the last six years.

Education: Since 2012, 77,187 students participated in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities with the SFPUC and its partners. From field trips to eco-literacy programs, they gained valuable insight about environmental stewardship.  

Dashboard data showing youth served since 2012.

Land Use: Over the past six years, the Frontyard Ambassador and Sidewalk Garden Program has helped San Francisco residents replace 51,000 square feet of concrete with 513 gardens, diverting 612,000 gallons of stormwater from the city’s combined sewer system and beautifying local communities. 

Data showing front yard ambassador program and sidewalk gardens grants.

Public Art: To date, 96 artists have created 311 public artworks that shape the character of neighborhoods and design of our buildings while embodying the mission, vision and values of local communities while inspiring them to respect the natural resources entrusted to our care. 

Data showing various artwork themes.

Residents can visit the Community Benefits Program Dashboard to see a snapshot of the SFPUC’s good neighbor efforts and how the Agency is making its service area communities a better place to live, work, learn and play.