Earth Month Kick Off at The New Wheel

Mayor Breed today celebrated the start of Earth Month by announcing the largest and last major enrollment of CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s community choice energy program. The initiative, which offers residents and businesses renewable energy options, has been a key factor in San Francisco’s 36% drop in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels – a reduction that has exceed expectations. The one-year emissions reduction of 6% represents one of the largest single-year decreases since the City started tracking emissions. Concurrent with this reduction in emissions, San Francisco’s population has increased by 22% and its economy has grown by 166%.

CleanPowerSF is essential in helping the City meet its ambitious climate action goals. Prior to CleanPowerSF, electricity accounted for 29% of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions. Now, that total has dropped to 11% and CleanPowerSF has become one of the significant drivers of emission reductions across the City.

Mayor Breed announced the latest enrollment period at The New Wheel in Bernal Heights, SF.

CleanPowerSF is set to enroll 250,000 customer accounts by the end of April. When the latest enrollment period is finished, approximately 360,000 businesses and residents will be served by the program. CleanPowerSF’s latest enrollment period, combined with the greenhouse gas free hydroelectricity provided by the Hetch Hetchy Regional Power System and the our growing public power programs, will now provide 80% of the electricity in San Francisco.

Mayor Breed announced the latest enrollment period of CleanPowerSF at The New Wheel, a SuperGreen customer and participant in the Department of Environment’s Green Business Program.

Inside The New Wheel shop.