2018: The Road Ahead

Lake Merced Golf Course

Welcome to AlwaysON. Over the coming months, my team and I’ll be reaching out to you about key projects, events, new  technological innovations that enable us to expand and improve our services, and other updates. Here’s just a sampling of 2018 topics coming up:

  • The repair of the aging and vulnerable Mountain Tunnel, a main link in our 167-mile drinking water aqueduct:
  • The diversification of our limited drinking water supply with the use of groundwater from a natural geologic reservoir of  fresh water hundreds of feet deep below the City’s west side
  • The coming upgrades to our more than 70-year-old sewer system, including the Southeast Treatment Plant that processes 80% of the City’s sewage and wastewater
  • CleanPowerSF, including our 100% renewable SuperGreen option for totally clean gas and electricity at competitive rates
  • The 100th anniversary of the Hetch Hetchy Water System and the advent of clean, green hydropower
  • A new program to cut the waste of precious Hetch Hetchy drinking water by providing highly treated, safe recycled wastewater for irrigation and other nonpotable uses

Again, our take on these and other topics will always be just the opener. We want your take—your questions, comments, concerns, and other feedback. We invite you to join the conversation, with us, and our other readers.

We look forward to the interactions!

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